Autodesk Maya 2009 SuperPack $150 or $300 at the UNI CCC possibility

  1. Autodesk Maya has made a new offer to UNI so that UNI students can purchase Maya for $150 for the 14 month license and $300 for the Perpetual license. This would be actually four products in what is called the SuperPack, which is the following four products:
    1. Autodesk Maya Unlimited 2009 which will have the additional features of Hair, Fur, Cloth, Particles as described if you click the link below here to for more details. We will have Maya Complete 2009 in the UNI computer labs.
    2. Autodesk Motion Builder 2009.
    3. Autodesk Mudbox. Note that this product alone costs $95 for a 13 month license if you were taking a class on MudBox or wanting to use and learn Mudbox digital sculpting and texture painting.
    4. Autodesk Toxik 2009.

    Note: Click the HOTSPOTs on the image below to link to SuperPack details or to for latest price details.

    Go to STUDICA to check details See SuperPack Details

  2. As you can see, if you get the SuperPack for $150 you are saving about $45 and if you get the perpetual license you are saving about $89 in cost. Of course it is also convenient to be able to pick it up at the UNI Computer Consulting Center and to put it on your UNI UBill too.

    This is down from $170 for the 14 month license and $340 for the perpectual license since Wednesday too. $20 cheaper and $40 cheaper than the UNI CCC was going to be able to offer with what we had from Autodesk on Wednesday.

  3. Here is the Maya 2008 Getting Started help file that is installed with it. Of course, you can link to this one across the internet too and we will use it in the class as one of the resources we read and use to practice Maya exercises.

  4. Did you know there is an LA-based animation company here in Iowa? Check out their web site and be sure to look at the articles and then watch the demo reel.

  5. Go to this page and look at some of the Maya work done by students who took the video based course on Maya Fundamentals that we are using portions of this semester. We will watch the Steven Hughes one today in class, but go back and watch others on your own.

  6. I will be taking a class on Maya Special Effects from Vince De Quattro in either the fall of 2009 or spring of 2010. Click here if you want to see what films he has worked on as technical director, digital effects artist, digital compositor, digital artist, visual effects animator, or computer graphics supervisor. If you have to purchase the Maya 14 month license and not the perpetual license or if you are graduating in December, it will help me to prepare for teaching the Maya II class in the spring or fall of 2010 to have an independent guided studies student or group of students. So if you buy Maya, you would be getting at least two semesters worth of academic credit out of the software.

  7. Probably in the fall of 2010, but perhaps in the spring of 2010, I am planning on offering a class in Advanced Maya. Lets just call it Maya II for now. It will have a prerequisite of this first Maya class, i.e. this 810:088 Topics in Computing: Maya 3D Graphics. So you can take another class on Maya, and of course do your work in the SCC labs. But it would be worth considering getting the perpectual license for Maya SuperPack.

  8. In the spring of 2010 I will be glad to have an individual studies, independent guided studies student or two if you are graduating or if you are anxious to learn some more Maya earlier. That same semester I will be taking another class on Maya called 3D Modeling & Animation 2 (Maya). Obviously, that course will be a huge focus of my studies, so I can easily accomodate any students who wish to take an independent studies version of Maya II and focus on whatever is of most interest to you. It will be the 4th Maya class I have taken for credit and the instructor for that class has a background almost as impressive as Vince De Quattro does. So you can get your money's worth out of Maya if you decide to buy it and go with the perpectual license.

  9. If you purchase either the 14 month or the perpetual SuperPack, I am going to be ready later on to sit down and help you be able to do a few things with each of the other 3 products, if you decide you want to see what they can do and play around with them. I will from time to time demonstrate them in class this semester, but can't spend too much time on them since we will only have Maya 2009 Complete in the UNI computer labs. Most students will just have Maya Complete access for 30 days and in the UNI SCC labs.

  10. Prices at the UNI bookstore for books for one 3 credit class:

    Dept: 120 Accounting - Intermediate Accounting 2007 Required $182.67
    Dept 130: Marketing - Consumer Behavior, Solomon ISBN 0-13-601596-4 Required $177.99
    Dept 150: Management - West's Business Law, ClarksonISBN 0-324-30390-4 Required $166.50
    Dept 860: Chemistry - Lehninger Principles Of Biochemistry, NelsonISBN 0-7167-7108-X Required $189.99

    Price of the Maya software, if you decide to buy it: $150 or $300

  11. The Animation Mentor Student Showcase is an inspiring look at what can be done with Maya.

    2. And here is the Winter Student Showcase Reel 2007
    3. My favorite one you have probably seen before. I expect it gets part of the credit for there being a Maya class at UNI last fall, as it would have been cancelled for low enrollment had I not decided to market it to Art Studio: Graphic Design majors and Communications: Electronic Media majors and Graphics Communications majors. Its Student Showcase from Fall of 2007 from Animation Mentor.