Tumble, Track and Dolly - class one blizzard day 2009 review...

Exploring Maya book excerpt

Ohio State Art of Maya PDF book excerpt.

Email note review of the first class done right after class on Monday morning. Tumble, Track and Dolly. QWERTY tools.

Wireframe view of the Sphere was shown being changed to Smooth Shading, but I forgot to mention that was 
               by using 5 to switch to Smooth Shading
               and then 4 to switch back to Wireframe view of the Polygonal Sphere.
RGB graphics and the Red Green Blue colored handles shown on the object when you have one of the W E or R tools selected.
W is the Move tool shortcut.
E is the Rotate tool shortcut.
R is the Scale tools shortcut.      Red Green Blue
                                    R   G     B        RGB = XYZ in Maya 3D
                                    X   Y     Z
Control+Z is the Nike Just Undo It shortcut.
Edit menu, Undo command comes in handy when practicing with Maya.  Ctrl+Z = Edit menu Undo command

Tumble, Track, Dolly are forms of NAVIGATION.  
        Track or Pan: Think 2008 summer Olympics and Des Moines Iowa - Track athlete.  Lolo Jones
              Tumble: Think 2008 summer Olympics and Des Moines Iowa - Gymnast.        Shawn Johnson
Hurdlers navigate the track and gymnastics tumblers navigate the mat or the beam.

View tools for viewing the scene form different distances and angles and for viewing different parts of the scene.
You navigate the scene in Maya using LMB, MMB and RMB with Alt key or Option key held down.