CS 2880 11 Topics in Computing: Maya 3D Graphics
Fall 2014

VIP: M A Y A Final Projects December 2014 - check them out!

Quiz FRIDAY and Assignment due on Halloween Friday: Gold, Silver, Bronze looking into Rendering, Painting, and Polygonal Modeling.

Friday Oct 31st quiz #5 is HANDS-ON. Solar system, with similar variations like we did in Oct 29th practice (MEL Sine Expression and Duplicate Special compound object used for Sun, Earth and Moon).

  1. VIP (review): First Five Weeks - August 25th to September 26th class calendar and resources.

  2. VIP: The 2nd FIVE weeks calendar and class schedule/resources. Sep 29th to Oct 31st

  3. VIP: (current calendar): Third Five Weeks: ( ** November 3rd - December 15th ** ).

  4. QUIZ #4 on Wednesday Oct 22nd: Study Guide NOW ready as of 12:21 am, 21 minutes after midnight on 10/20.

  5. The ONLINE WEBM converter converts .AVI to .WEBM format.
    I use the Upload your video you want to convert to WEBM: choice.
    The Choose Files button allows you to browse to your local .avi file (the one that After Effects render produced).
    When the Convert file button is clicked, the .avi file is converted to the .webm format and automatically downloaded to your downloads folder.

  6. Assignment Rocket Exhaust special effects.

    Creating Rocket Exhaust PDF.

    Supplemental material on doing a COLOR RAMP with Maya particles and Dynamics menu set.

  7. VIP: Sculpting NURBS to make an egghead or a spongebob or whatever is assigned as of Monday, September 22nd.
    Due anytime on Wednesday, October 1st.

  8. VIP: QUIZ #3 on Wednesday, October 8th - QUIT THREE study guide/outline.

    QUIZ #3: Set Driven Key: SDK will be included on Quiz #3. SDK by 3DBuzz video tutorial.

    Quiz #3: MEL = Maya Embedded Language: Expressions written in MEL to control a single attribute, such as ScaleY.

    Ball.scaleY = time + 1;

    Is it a SINE of the TIMEs. ABSolutely! More MEL expressions examples and practice.

  9. Lamps and Spotlights...

  10. Luxo lamps and lamps tutorial.