CS 2880 11 Topics in Computing: Maya 3D Graphics

S T U D Y - G U I D E: Final Exam - Thursday, May 7th - 3:00-4:50 p.m.

S T U D Y - G U I D E: Final Exam - Thursday, May 7th - 3:00-4:50 p.m.

  1. VIP (current calendar): First Five Weeks Jan 13th to Feb 12th - class calendar and resources. Review often.

  2. VIP: The 2nd FIVE weeks calendar and class schedule/resources. Feb 17th to Mar 26th

  3. VIP: Last SIX Weeks: Mar 24th - May 7th (final on Thu 05/07 at 3 pm)
    Light It Up - Key light, Fill light, Rim light (KFR)

    Three-Point lighting for 3D Renderings by Jeremy Birn.

    Playing chess with a PAWN. Great lighting tutorial.

    From 03/10/Tuesday: Pawn3_10_Key100pctFill10pct.mb --- To be continued on Thursday 03/12.

    Key light 100 % done, Fill light just started (10 % done), and Rim light not started yet. KFR. Key, Fill, Rim. Rim light also often called Back Light.

    Storyboard is due on Tuesday, March 31st at 12:30 pm at beginning of class.

    Storyboard concepts and examples, along with links to past Maya semester final projects.

    Storyboard: Lattice squeeze through pipe exercise and its storyboard.

    03/24/Tuesday: Squash and Stretch Deformer Animation tool applied to the Talented Ball.

    03/26/Thursday: Squash/Stretch with SDK and custom attributes. 3D Buzz - the-talented-ball lessons...