January 14th to February 15th - first 5 weeks
GO TO - WEEK 6 through WEEK 10 classes/calendar (2nd 5 weeks - February 18th to March 29th).  
Week 1 Jan 14   Jan 16   Jan 18  
Video tutorials and other VERY USEFUL resources from 3DBuzz, Wiley, Swinburne and Michael O'Rourke.

Class #1 review

Vip email note about F, A, Tumble, Track and Dolly.

Read pages 1 to 14 of Wiley Introduction to Maya book. Free sample chapter PDF.

Modeling a HAND

Fall 2009 Class #6 review/followup READING assignment - Polygon modeling of a simple HAND with extrude, poke face, wedge face, edge and face select.


Modeling a HAND was continued during class #3. We'll finish it during class #4.

Watch the relevant LYNDA Maya Essentials videos to review and consolidate the Polygonal HAND modeling techniques.

Who takes Maya, why take Maya, what is Maya? 810:088 information.
Week 2 Jan 21   Jan 23   Jan 25  

Martin Luther King holiday


Review of SMOOTH, EXTRUDE, POKE FACE, WEDGE FACE, videos for review of the HAND and preview of the FISH reference image modeling.

Extrude, Poke Face, Wedge Face, Modeling a simple hand using Polygons

Edit menu 
  Duplicate Special

Pivot Points
Snap to Grids
Incremental Saves 
  saving scene file


Class #6 preview/review

Video (08:09)- Modeling a Wineglass using Polygons by Steven Murdoch. 8 minutes 9 seconds.

VIP: First Maya assignment was handed out in class.

Introduction to Maya animation, if time.

Week 3 Jan 28   Jan 30   Feb 01  
  Animation introduction (continued)
Textures and Rendering
  1. Lighting introduction.
  2. NURBS modeling.
  3. Your account and uploading a 3D model.
  4. Adobe After Effects (maybe).

Maya chicken model: Assignment One is due today, anytime.

QUIZ ONE on FRIDAY February 8th.


2009 Class #1 review

2009 Class #2 review

Week 04 Feb 04   Feb 06   Feb 08  
  The Seven Stages of the Animation Pipeline. We have touched on only 3 of the 7 stages so far.   Sun, Earth, and Moon. Solar System subset.

The Sun, Earth, and Moon animation but they are CUBES.

Snapping in Maya and the X, C, V shortcuts make it even snappier.



 User id:  mayatuts
Password:  morourke

  1. Particles and Emitters effected by Gravity and Wind Fields and made to Collide with the ground or floor.

  2. Coloring particles with a COLOR RAMP. Seeing particles shaped as SPHERES or as STREAKS and other options were explored for the Particle Properties tutorial.
 User id:  mayatuts
Password:  morourke

Week 5 Feb 11   Feb 13   Feb15  

RAIN tutorial has username mayatuts and password morourke for access.

Particles, Emitters, Fields (GRAVITY and WIND) were covered in today's class. The class was a review of Friday's hands-on lab class. Making particles COLLIDE with the ground or floor was covered too.


The Bouncing Ball animation is due on Wednesday, Feb 20th. Note: Sabin 102 is where we meet on 02/20 and 05/08!

VIP: Curtains using the Maya video training.

Example of animated, swaying curtains with a talented ball coming out on the stage. Note the spotlight with the changing cone angle.

How were the 16 different pottery pieces or flower vases created? Using CV Curve tool to make a Profile Curve and Surfaces menu REVOLVE to revolve the curve around the Y axis. After that DUPLICATE SPECIAL. We did this in class on Valentines Day eve eve eve (Monday).


StudioIT 2 lab Sculpting with NURBS - ASSIGNMENT TWO. Read and DO the Lesson 2 tutorial first.

The main actor is the talented ball.

This tutorial covers constructing the stage and the ball (but not the curtains or the stool or the microphone). 22 minutes 9 seconds.

Emitters, Particles, Color Ramps: Creating a Rocket Exhaust.



Study guide for QUIZ TWO, which is on MONDAY, February 18th.

Constructing the stage and the ball with a wall and a door.

Study guide for QUIZ TWO

A Simple Lamp Model...