See and REVIEW the First Five Weeks classes calendar and resources.
Maya 3D graphics - Week 6 through week 10
February 18th through March 29th, 2013
Assignments, readings, watchings, quiz schedule
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Week 6 Feb 18   Feb 20   Feb 22  

See Week One to Week Five classes.

Rocket Exhaust, with Color and Opacity Ramps, particles... Hierarchies and Maya: The Luxo Lamp, MMB drag in the Hypergraph: Hierarchy or the Outliner windows to create Parent/Child relationship, Spotlights, Identity Transformation Matrix via Freeze Transformations to 0 0 0, 0 0 0, 1 1 1.   Lamps and Lights, Wine glasses and baseball bats.

Graph Editor review. Point Light with Depth Map Shadows. Render Current Frame.

Quiz 2 handed back...

Week 7 Feb 25   Feb 27   Mar 01  
  Assignment due on Monday, March 4th: LampsAssign2013.txt

Lamps 2 ...

Lamps 3 ...

  Set Driven Key lesson (29:13) Watch to review, to prepare for quiz #3 and to finish the DOG/DOOR SDK. The DOG is the Driver, the DOOR is the DRIVEN.

Set Driven Key lesson (29:13)

MEL: Maya Embedded Language - its a sine of the times.
From 02/27 Wednesday class.
Quiz #3

Change room to SABIN 102 classroom lab ...

Making Em Sway: Using Softbodies - Curtains prereq... ... 13:48

Swaying Curtains ... 13:04

Week 8 Mar 04   Mar 06   Mar 08  
  Lamps assignment due

The Talented Ball lessons.

  50:34 Working With Animation Curves 3dbuzz video...

1st 4 minutes: Working With Animation Curves notes. AC = IC.

13:48 Using Softbodies video notes.

Making Em Sway: Using Softbodies - Curtains prereq... ... 13:48

Batch Rendering in Maya.

Rendering/Lights/Shadows Study questions: rendering.txt for Quiz #4.

From Maya to Targa to After Effects footage to FLV Flash Video to Flash web applicaton.

Quiz #4
Week 9 Mar 11   Mar 13   Mar 15  
  1. Story boards for animation.

  2. STORYBOARD example! - Study the Story board for a drama involving path animations and lattice deformations.

  3. Spring 2009 Maya projects were each preceeded by a storyboard.

Creating a CURTAIN and introduction to HULL components. What is a HULL? No quiz!

Study storyboards and work on your STORYBOARD assignment. Look at Spring 2009 projects for ideas and inspiration.


Hard Copy turned in during class on Friday morning is preferred.

The Push and Pull of Sculpting NURBS Surfaces! (creating an Egghead) introduction.

Week 10 Mar 25   Mar 27   Mar 29  
  Sculpt Geometry Tool - create an Egghead or funny face of some sort using NURBS and Push, Pull, Pinch, Smooth, etc.   Anticipation example (1 of 12 principles).

Sculpt Geometry assignment assigned again. Due 9 days from today.


Final five: Weeks 11 to 15 class calendar - April/May.