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Maya - Week 10 through week 15
April 1st through May 3rd, 2013

... Maya Final Projects ...

Assignments, readings, watchings, quiz schedule
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Week 11 Apr 01   Apr 03   Apr 05  
MEL CONE code...   Sculpting NURBS Geometry is due. SEND AN ATTACHMENT OF YOUR SCENE FILE when done.

Jellyfish scene: Nonlinear DeformersWave, Squash and Stretch, Twist. Also, the Jiggle deformer.

Nonlinear Deformers video's and PDFs:, 3DBuzz and the talented ball, and Michael O'Rourke. Also review of using the graph editor to fine tune an animation to give a character (the talented ball) some personality and life and skill.
Week 12 Apr 08   Apr 10   Apr 12  
Block Man animation of a walk cycle... Rigging and Skeletons... We played with block_man_v01.mb and block_man_v02.mb and did pick walking (up and down the joints in a joint hierarchy using the up and down arrow keys). Review of Mon 04/10, Preview of Wed 04/11

Review of Skeletons, Joints, Skinning: Block Man, Rigging, the joint tool, Forward and Inverse Kinematics.

Inverse Kinematics animation of joint tool created skeletons.  
Week 13 Apr 15   Apr 17   Apr 19  
Week 14 Apr 22   Apr 24   Apr 26  
    Handout and highlights of the Sun, Earth, Moon review session.

Solar System subset (from Week 04 - Feb 06)

What if the Sun, Earth, and Moon were CUBES instead of SPHERES?

If this were an Olympic tryout to make a qualifying time, how would knowing X help you have a better Sun, Earth, Moon time? ... and qualify or be more qualified than the applicant who did NOT know X and wasn't quite as snappy.

Quiz #5

Study/Practice Guide...
It is a hands-on quiz: Sun, Earth, Moon model with animated orbits and rotations.

*** Rehearse and practice!

Going over game film:

Review of Friday's Star, Planet, Moon quiz...

Study this if you had trouble!

Week 15 Apr 29   May 01   May 03  

Final Exam study guide.


Maya Student's Final Projects...

Oh Mia oh Maya: Final Exam study guide.

VIP: Final Exam - 10:00-11:50 a.m. Tuesday, May 7th, 2013. Note: 10 am - 12 noon Tuesday time.

Final Exam week begins on 5/06/13
Cedar Falls, Iowa zip code = 50613