Maya 3D graphics - Week 6 through week 10
September 29th through October 31st, 2014
Assignments, readings, watchings, quiz schedule
Week 6 Sep 29   Oct 01   Oct 03  

See Week One to Week Five classes.

Sculpting NURBS assignment... ... Set Driven Key lesson (29:13) Watch to review, to prepare for quiz #3 and to finish the DOG/DOOR SDK. The DOG is the Driver, the DOOR is the DRIVEN.

Set Driven Key lesson (29:13)

  Maya Expressions - another way instead of SDK Set Driven Key and Time Slider Keyframes to animated in Maya.
Week 7 Oct 06   Oct 08   Oct 10  
  Rocket Exhaust, with Color and Opacity Ramps, particles...   MEL: Maya Embedded Language - its a sine of the times.
From 02/27 Wednesday class.
Quiz #3

Quiz Sun, Earth, Moon - hands-on and timed.

Sun, Earth, Moon step by step.

Cubes instead of Spheres.

Week 8 Oct 13   Oct 15   Oct 17  
  Review of the Animation Editor Graph Editor...

Linear Tangents...

Rendering your Maya animation. Image format Targa (tga), End frame:, Image folder, etc.

  50:34 Working With Animation Curves 3dbuzz video...

1st 4 minutes: Working With Animation Curves notes. AC = IC.

13:48 Using Softbodies video notes.

Making Em Sway: Using Softbodies - Curtains prereq... ... 13:48

Batch Rendering in Maya.

Rendering/Lights/Shadows Study questions: rendering.txt...

From Maya to Targa to After Effects footage to FLV Flash Video to Flash web applicaton.

Week 9 Oct 20   Oct 22   Oct 24  
  1. Story boards for animation.

  2. STORYBOARD example! - Study the Story board for a drama involving path animations and lattice deformations.

  3. Spring 2009 Maya projects were each preceeded by a storyboard.

Creating a CURTAIN and introduction to HULL components. What is a HULL?

Fall 2014: Quiz #4 Study Guide...



YOUR STORYBOARD IS DUE ON or BY Monday, October 27th.

Hard Copy turned in during class on Monday morning is preferred.

Week 10 Oct 27   Oct 29   Oct 31  
  Story Board assignment is due. Turn in a hard copy (pen/pencil is okay).

The 3DBuzz Talented Ball video tutorials...

Lights and Batch Rendering Lynda Lights and Rendering video lessons.

Quiz FRIDAY and Assignment due Friday: Gold, Silver, Bronze looking into Rendering, Painting, and Polygonal Modeling.


Quiz TODAY and Assignment due TODAY: Gold, Silver, Bronze looking into Rendering, Painting, and Polygonal Modeling.

Assignment is due today IN CLASS, to be handed in physically, NOT emailed.

After Effects snow and smoke exercise.