Dynamics and Special Effects with Particles
Color Ramps
Quiz study guide - Emitters, Particles, SDK and Squash Deformers

  1. Look at the above 3 rendered frames as you study this review of the Friday class. Particle dynamics, Lifespan Mode, Lifespan, Color RAMPS from red, to green, to blue over the LIFESPAN of the particle.
  2. Overview of Particle Dynamics. Emitters, Fields and Collisions tutorial by Michael O'Rourke has been covered several different times in class. LifeSpan mode Constant instead of Live Forever. particleShape object.
  3. The Friday, April 3rd StudioIT 1 class emitted particles from a Circle object. We also emitted particles from a half-circle. Tutorial on how to emit particles from an object.
  4. Spread, Speed, Rate (particles/second), DirectionX, DirectionY, DirectionZ, Emitter Type, LifeSpan Mode (Live forever or Constant), Particle Render Type (Points, Spheres, Streaks).
  5. Dynamics = APS D R, i.e. the D of APSDR - particles, fields, particleShape versus emitter, etc.
  6. SDK: Set Driven Key animation - Driver and Driven objects. Driving and Driven attribute. Compare to Timeline driven animation.

    Screen snapshot and followup explanation from fall 2008 SDK Set Driven Key quiz.

    Basics of DRIVER and DRIVEN objects - Dog going through a pet door. Locator as the DRIVER and a donut as the DRIVEN - nurbsTorus1 is the donut. It was the story of the growing and shrinking donut as its ScaleY attribute was driven by the TranslateY attribute of the LOCATOR object.

  7. DEFORMERS introduction: Rigging a ball for SQUASH and STRETCH deforming. Monday, March 30th Lang 213 class review. High Bounds, Low Bounds, Factors. Using the T tool for the first time, as in QWERTY or QWER T Y toolbar shortcuts. Also, we used SDK (Set Driven Key) again that day. Watch the Aussie tutorial.