Light Intensity Animation
Curtains using 3DBuzz tutorials for swaying and animation
Bouncing Ball is NOT fine tuned using Graph Editor and Tangent Handles

How to make the wine glasses and pottery and flower vases SCULPTURES by using REVOLVE to revolve a curve you have made to make a surface. This is one of the tutorials from the Modeling group you can find at, which also has Rendering, Virtual to Physical, Animation, Dynamics, and Sample Projects sections.
  UserID:  mayatuts      (Does NOT work for Character Animation section)
Password:  morourke
There are 17 of the REVOLVE created vases in the scene above.

You can use DUPLICATE SPECIAL option box and request 8 duplicates, each larger or smaller than the previous one and each however many units translated (translateX or translateY or translateZ) from the previous one.

Edit menu > Duplicate Special option box.

Sculpting Surfaces using the Mesh menu > Sculpt Geometry Tool.

Note that the above animation has a spot light that changes its CONE ANGLE, i.e. the CONE ANGLE is animated to get wider (went from 40, the default, to 60 degrees wide, in my animation.

The INTENSITY of the SPOT LIGHT and the INTENSITY of the POINT LIGHT also change and are animated by keyframes. Watch the changes in the above Flash Video (exported from Adobe After Effects as Flash Video after the TARGA files rendered from Maya were imported to AFTER EFFECTS as footage.