Creating a Curtain video
Creating Hierarchies (Parent/Child) video
Review of creating a Luxo Lamp classes on 02/09 and 02/11.

Pull back the curtain and STUDY some Maya Videos from 3DBuzz.

  1. Please READ over the following tutorial: A Simple Lamp Model using Hierarchical Modeling. We spent the entire class on Wednesday, February 11th on the Simple Lamp Model tutorial. It will be reviewed later in detail in an email note or a new link from this page. Especially Spot Lights in Maya and Freeze Transformations and how to do Lights that cast shadows.
    From the More on Hierarchies tutorial by Michael O'Rourke.
    You will need to enter the following:  
                                             User ID:   mayatuts   
                                            Password:   morourke
  2. Watch the Creating A Curtain video before Friday, Valentine's Day eve class, if you get time. It only lasts for 10 minutes! It would be great to preview what it covers before we do it in class. We'll eventually model a fairly complex set of animated curtains that even sway as they open and close.

  3. Both the Curtain and the Simple Luxo Lamp Model require parent/child relationships and making one object the child of another object. Watch the Creating Hierarchies video when you get the chance. We will try to cover that on Monday, February 16th. It will be one of the topics on the Wednesday, February 18th quiz!