Pool Table Assignment - due Friday, March 13th
Requires handout from Wednesday, March 4th

The importance of making a PRIMITIVE POLYGON into a PASSIVE RIGID BODY before you do anything else, such as cutting holes into the PLANE or the CUBE using Boolean Difference operation.

How to make Round Pocket Holes for the pool table by using the Polygons menu set Mesh menu Boolean Difference command.

How to do the pool table the way shown in class that is easier
    than the way the handout shows you how to do it.
   (For example: Selecting the faces of the polygon plane and
                 deleting FOUR FACES or TWO FACES
                 to make the pool table holes for the pool balls
                 to fall through under the influence of the GRAVITY
                 field.  Pool balls are Active Rigid Body objects.)

Animating the Active Rigid Body (ARB) cue ball: Keyframing an ARB by turning it temporarily into a PRB (Passive Rigid Body) so it can be keyframed and the pool "shot" can occur.