Maya 3D Graphics introduction
Watch and take a few notes BEFORE Wednesday 08/22/2012

Watch THESE VIDEOS - choose two favorites
Watch and take a few notes BEFORE Wednesday 08/22/2012

Maya 2009 1st 5 weeks....

Watch the following 34 minutes and 17 seconds of videos from as your introduction to Autodesk Maya.

  1. Intro to Maya Fundamentals - 07:24
  2. What is Maya? - 05:20
  3. 2D vs. 3D - 09:26
  4. Lesson Overview - 02:30
  5. Viewports - 09:37

URL link:

Assignment due on Friday August 24, 2012:
  1. Turn in a total of 1/2 page of notes on each of the preceeding videos. 2 1/2 pages of notes.
  2. Be prepared to discuss in small groups and then in larger class.
  3. Minimum deliverables would be 5 * 1/2 = 2 1/2 pages of notes. You probably will do more than 1/2 page of notes on one or more of the videos.
  4. Your notes can include some diagrams as needed to show what an icon or a storyboard plan looks like.
  5. Your notes can include questions, confusions, explanations of concepts in your own words, quotes from the videos, etc.

  1. Overview of Maya from Fall 2008 and Spring and Fall of 2009.

  2. We will start to use many different lessons and resources on Maya soon. But you cannot beat the above 3DBuzz free lessons for a great way to get started first.

  3. Want to look into downloading Maya for the 30 day FREE trial or your student educational version (up to 36 months for FREE)? Note that there is NO HURRY about this. And Autodesk MAYA 2010 or 2011 or 2012 will be fine. You do NOT have to have Autodesk 2013!

  4. As soon as UNI gets the Autodesk Maya (along with the entire Entertainment Creation Suite), it will be installed and available in ALL of the SCC labs and the CNS labs. SCC labs like the Library, Redeker, Maucker Union, Towers, etc. CNS labs like Wright Hall.