Fall 2012 - Week 02 - Maya 3D Graphics - 08/27-08/31

  1. 20:49 Watch the Creating Objects video
  2. 09:56 Watch the Basics of Selection video
  3. 32:18 Watch the Manipulating Objects video
  4. 03:49 Watch The Pivot Point video
  5. 13:32 Watch the Snapping video
  6. 06:13 Watch the Overview of the Talented Ball

Assignment due on Wednesday (09/05) after Labor Day:
  1. Choose a 10 minute segment of one of the above videos (for example: minute 10:30 to minute 20:30 of the Creating Objects video or for another example: minute 15:00 to minute 25:00 of Manipulating Objects video or minute 00:00 to minute 10:00 of the Snapping video. Note: You may also alternatively choose the Pivot Point AND the Overview of the Talented Ball videos, as they add up to close enough to 10 minutes.
  2. Take extensive notes on that 10 minute segment of the video. Draw diagrams or pictures as appropriate. Document the time (minute and second) where various key topics and subtopics and definitions/examples or other material begins or is found.
  3. Make your notes a presentation of the same ideas and skills and specific techniques and concepts that the video presents. Quote the speakers from time to time as appropriate.
  4. Take the attitude that you are applying for a job two years from now and the interview team randomly picks the details of the 10 minute segment of the video you chose to use to assess your expertise and background for the job. This means take extensive notes, create an outline, figure out ways to relate what you learned to your previous work in this and other classes.
  5. Take the attitude that your notes and outline will be used as your contribution to a Maya team of fellow classmates where the other students chose other segments of the material and your will engage in competition to be most productive compared to other teams. So how well your team masters the entire 85 minutes of material (from paper notes on the videos, NOT from the videos), will determine whether your team goes on to the final four or not, or perhaps gets chosen to be part of producing the next Shrek or whatever.
  6. Pen or pencil is fine. It does NOT have to be word processed. However, whatever you create needs to be READABLE, as it may be presented in class on the elmo projector and/or scanned in and shared on the class web site and/or handed out to all students in a future class.