Fall 2012 - Week 08 - Maya 3D Graphics - 10/08-10/12

Monday, October 8th, 2012
  1. Getting Started with Maya: Polygonal Modeling: Lesson 1: Modeling a polygonal mesh from a reference image was introduced.
    We covered:
        Setting modeling preferences
        Using 2D reference images
        Creating a polygon primitive
        Modeling in shaded mode
        Model symmetry
        Selecting components by painting
        Selecting edge loops
        Editing components in the orthographic views
        Editing components in the perspective view
  2. Assignment given on Monday, October 1st: Modeling Elements of a Castle - due this Wednesday (10/10).
    Send as attachment to jacobson@cs.uni.edu with email Subject: MAYA CASTLE ASSIGNMENT

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 (Rigging a ball for Squash and Stretch)
  1. Swinburne video (10 m 16 s): Rigging a Ball for Squash and Stretch - Maya tutorial by Steven Murdoch (Aussie).
    Modify > Add Attribute 
                 Name it Squash > set min = -10 , max = 10 and default = 0 values
    Animation menu set - Create Deformers menu > Nonlinear > Squash
                 QWERTY - using T to get the Show Manipulator Tool
                 High Bound, Low Bound, Factor
    Parenting relationship - select child 1st, then shift select parent, then p
    SDK - Set Driven Key
       Driver is nurbsSphere1 Squash attribute
       Driven is squash1 factor attribute
    Squash and Stretch
  2. Set Driven Key was covered last week. Review it after doing Squash rigging setup.

  3. Assignment due today! Castle.

Friday, October 12th, 2012 (Answer questions about Monday exam)
Study guide outline of topics for Monday exam.