Fall 2012 - Week 11 - Maya 3D Graphics - 10/29-11/02

  1. 3DBuzz video tutorial notes: Curtains, Lights, Doors, Animating the Talented Ball, the opening door, and the curtains on the set.

    See the following five www.3DBuzz.com MAYA video tutorials.

       10:00  Animating the Set           Fundamentals Proj 1-2
       16:11  Animating the Ball
       09:01  Creating Stage Controls
       07:06  Lighting Overview           Fundamentals Proj 1-3
       27:38  Light Types
       Note: See the Creating a Curtain and Duplicating Curtains videos
             to review Friday, October 26th, 2012 class.
             See the Making Curtains Sway video to preview what we will
             do to make the opening and closing curtains sway like cloth.
       10:22  Creating a Curtain
       06:56  Duplicating Curtains
       13:04  Making Curtains Sway

  2. Lamps and lighting. Baseball bats, wine glassses, walls and floors. Revolve review. Michael O'Rourke Simple Lamp Model tutorial.

  3. Publishing your projects to the web: Maya to rendered Targa files to After Effects footage to FLV Flash video to a Flash application...