Assignment Two - Polygon/NURBS Modeling
Due: Anytime on or before TUESDAY, January 31st, 2017.

Subject: Chick model

  1. Handout 1: Assignment One clarifications/corrections Maya 2013 changes along with suggestions for improved techniques for creating the other Wing, Leg, Eye, Foot, etc. 2013assignmentOne.pdf handout.
    Let me know of problems or adjustments needed for Maya 2016 or 2017.

  2. Handout 2: PolygonChickModeling.pdf is all 7 pages at a larger size, in case the reduced is hard to read or in case you don't have the handout handy.

  3. MayaEssentialsReview.pdf for the basics of Q WER tools, Channel Box, Attribute Editor, Camera tools (Tumble, Track, Dolly) and viewports, and Polygons with their vertices, edges and faces.

  4. Maya for students: Maya educational community: Register and get the free download.

  5. Who ya gonnna call? - Problems and issues that arise (aka any slimers {"Ghostbusters"}, that occur), frequently or once asked questions, etc. These will be posted here, if and when you run into problems and need help or get stuck on this assignment.

  6. Link to the finished student projects for assignment one.
    This page will be started during the week of February 4th so you can see all the different chicks when they are rendered and textured.