A few "Talented Ball" assignments from Fall08, Spr09, and Fall09 CS 2880 classes.

  1. Chet is done. This ball has personality. Getting through the door is chore. Jumping through the window, landing on the floor, leaping up on the pool table. Superb performance. Ball has cool shades too.
  2. Amer is done. Soccer field action!
  3. Tara is done. The garage door opens, the special effects begin!
  4. Greg L is done. Looks kind of like SpongeBob Square Pants influnced show!
  5. Kayla is done. Magician tricks!
  6. Ryan is done. Yellow, Green, and Red balls jumping walls and running the tires!
  7. Brian F is done.Shooting balls into the sky at a target. Obstacle course. Pop up cannon too!
  8. Fadhel is done. An exciting boxing match between two spheres!
  9. Ian is done. The talented ball comes out on stage and knocks down a long line of dominos!
  10. Patrick is done. Basketball shot rolls around the rim and then, finally drops through the hoop!
  11. Saad is done. A large planet and a nearby moon. Spacecraft and planes and space adventure!
  12. Kevin is done. Audience of diverse geometric shapes watches talented ball on stage. One audience member jumps up on stage!
  13. Gillian is done. Bouncing, spinning, squashing and stretching ball that the camera follows high into the air!
  14. Elaine is done. What a show to see. After the curtain closes, you can see that the 5 spongebob type audience members definitely agree!
  15. Stacy is done. Roll through two culvert pipes, jump through a flaming hoop, and jump up and down with excitement celebrating the victory!
  16. Josh McC is done. Instead of curtains closing, one falls over and is part of the action! Platforms rise up out of the stage.
  17. Amy is done. Jumping, squashing, stretching, beautiful textures, fast lateral moves, flattening too.
  18. Jared is done. The talented bal takes it to the hoop, hooray, shot is made. Ball hits floor and flattens into a penny. Reinflates, heads backstage as curtains close.
  19. Trenton is done. Sumo wrestling face off. Who will win the duel? What faces and what a faceoff!
  20. Brittney is done. Red to Green to Blue particle fountain. Stunning shape. The talented ball runs around the scene. Then streaks so fast, leaving a cloud of light red dust behind its moves.
  21. Liv is done. A fairly famous character you may have seen before. Amazing landscape scene too.
  22. Kali is done. Brightly glowing talented ball has so much charisma. Rise and shine!
  23. Hassan is done. Microphone, stool for the talented ball to sit and perform upon, door and curtains, lighting and shadows.
  24. Hussain is done. Ball and box bounce out to center stage.
  25. Cody is done. The robot is rigged to raise its arm. Spot light follows it's movement. The Interlude dance - this character could do the ninja robot moves? :-)
  26. Adam is done. Particles from the cannon do not render, so look below to see snapshot of them. Ball is rising balloon, ball is carried aloft by platform instead of air the 2nd time.
  27. Austin is done. This game of squash the innocent ball was hands-down NOT what the hand thought it would be. Big surprise in the story. Scary!
  28. Samantha is done. Keep your eyes on the bee. The ball sure does! Who nose what will happen at the end? Bee will win a battle, but will the talented ball win the war?
  29. Cory is done. The ball tries to get through the hoop. Luckily, it can stretch out on the 2nd try. Then, flaming hoop challenge.
  30. Chris is done. The basketball rolls out from behind the opened curtains. Its nothing but net on the shot.
  31. Katelyn is done. An artist's desk and dorm room. Spinning text effect.
  32. Hattie is done. Evergreen tree, snowman, snowfalling, giant jumping snowball brings on snowfall.
  33. Kimberly is done. One ball shrinks and goes under, the other jumps over the hurdle.