Monday December 1st, 2008 Maya review

  1. Review the Maya video tutorials on curtains and applying dynamics to curtains to make the curtains sway back and forth. This will be part of your last assignment which will be an animation where the curtains pull back to reveal your Maya creation. More later on specifications for what that creation could involve, but this assignment will be more open ended than the previous ones.

  2. Take home quiz assignment is due on Wednesday. There will not be an in-class quiz on Wednesday.

    What is the best way to duplicate the curtains so you have the full set of curtains for the stage, according to the video tutorial Duplicating Curtains from the URL This video is only 6:55 minutes long.

    Note: There was no take-home quiz handout to take home. After the class suggesting and discovering several successful ways to duplicate the curtain so you had a pair of curtains, we got STUCK on how to make them using the GROUP an object or hierarchy to itself method. The take-home idea was jotted down on the board and is all HERE on this page now, in case you missed class. If you were in class, this page is much more complete take home quiz specifications and requirements.

    READ AND HEED the take-home quiz instructions below the screen snapshot graphic.

       READ CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING: Take home quiz - due on Wednesday instead of an in-class quiz.
       What is the best or preferred way to duplicate the curtains according to the video tutorial?
       Explain this step by step in your own words.  Explain it in depth.  Explain it clearly.  VIP! 
       You may draw a diagram or picture to illustrate your answer and make it clearer.
       Explain your answer with enough detail and clarity so that a Maya student 
           could follow it even if they were only in week #2 of this Maya class.  VIP!
       Your answer should be clear, legible, it should be written in your own 
           words but you are welcome to sometimes quote the exact words of the 
           video tutorial, if you like.  
       You can even to refer to the exact minute and second 
           where the quote is found.
       Take notes as you watch the tutorial, but be sure to do two things 
           before you write up your answer:
         a.  Do the exercise yourself from your own notes without looking back at the video.  
             This will help you to explain steps more clearly and add any 
             details you forgot to mention.  Remember, a 2nd week Maya student
             should be able to take your explanation and follow it and 
             succeed in duplicating the curtain structure.  VIP!
         b.  Rewrite an answer to the question from your notes.  
             Do NOT just turn in your notes to the video.  VIP!

  3. Michael O'Rourke tutorial Introduction: Gravity, Collisions involving Gravity, Wind, Active Rigid Bodies, Collisions and Passive Rigid Bodies will be covered on Wednesday, December 3rd in class.
                  User ID:  mayatuts 
                 Password:  morourke
    This lesson will be one of the options for your last assignment. The curtains could pull back to reveal this animated action scene.