Creating a fountain - Maya Dynamics menu set assignment.

Due April 9th (Thursday evening by 10 p.m.)

  1. April Fool's Day Fountain Assignment and review page.
  2. Particle Effects were the subject of the Friday, October 31st Halloween lab class.
  3. Be sure to do the two Michael O'Rourke tutorials again before you turn in this assignment. They are linked to from the Oct 31st review page. Emitters, Fields and Collisions is the first tutorial. Particle Properties is the second tutorial.
  4. The Emitting from an Object tutorial (user id: mayatuts -- password: morourke) is a good tutorial to do in conjunction with the above material. Creating an emitter that emits particles from an object uses a circle object in the Maya tutorial Lesson 1 shown above.
  5. There is a link to an rendered movie of what your assignment will look like on the Introduction page of the Lesson 1 tutorial that is shown above.
  6. Why in the world would you want a NURBS circle primitive to have 25 sections?
  7. What does Omni mean? How does it apply when we are talking about an Omni emitter?
  8.   everything/ all - from Latin omnis - all
      as in, 'omnivores' are able to eat both vegetation and flesh, 'omniscient' means "all knowing", 
         and 'omnipotent' means having unlimited or universal power.
  9. What particle render type would be used for meteors or for rain, usually?
  10. What does the word INTERPOLATION mean? Interpolation was covered when talking about SET KEY, KEYFRAMES and SET DRIVEN KEY. Maya does lots of interpolation when you animate objects so that their attributes change over time or when another object's changes drive an object to change.

Fountain Example One

Fountain Example Two

Fountain Example Three

Fountain Example Four