Maya 3D Graphics software links

  1. Maya is the current king-of-the-hill in high-end 3D animation, as well as being an important tool for engineers and scientists and game developers.

  2. An artistic mind can produce aesthetically astonishing outcomes in Maya software. Maya includes a particle system to describe and manipulate particles like dew drops or water drops. Wind, gravity addition etc are some of the other chances to make the work exquisite with the help of dynamic fields in Maya.

  3. Free 30 day trial information and download.

  4. Scientific Visualization ideas.

  5. Maya 2011 Essential Training lynda videos (9 hours 8 minutes). Rigging a character, special effects (smoke, snow, fire, fountains, water, breaking glass), animating characters (Penguins, dinosaurs, Mr. Staypuft, people).

  6. We will use, master, and be inspired by a couple of hours of FREE MAYA video tutorials, and you will create your own unique story of a talented ball.

    There are 18 videos on topics ranging from storyboarding, to making curtains that sway, to how to give a talented ball some personality. Click to see the list of topics and a few of the 2008 and 2009 UNI Panther student "Talented BalL" assignment projects.