Nov 14 Maya Lab: if else Conditional Expressions
(Expressions Animation quiz review Nov 12th)

  1. Expressions make some difficult keyframing tasks easier. It is similar to Set Driven Key. With Set Driven Key, relationships between attributes are created. Unlike Set Driven Key, an expression does interpolate using a formula Maya derives from the situation of Keys and distance apart on the Time Line, but calculates the attribute values from the formula we gave it in the expression editor.
  2. See the tutorial from the Maya Help menu to review expressions and the new feature (Conditional Expressions) introduced on Friday (11/14/2008).
    if (time < 2) 
       Balloon.scaleY = time; 
    if (time >= 2) 
       Balloon.translateY = time; 
  3. When the Balloon gets enough inflation from hot air (Balloon.scaleY increases), the balloon rises majestically into the air (Balloon.translateY increases).