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Boiler Engine, Boiler Cap, Weld Plates, and Bolts (for plates and cap).  
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Maya 3D assignment #1: Steam Locomotive - Boiler Engine

Based upon Dariush Derakhshani textbook Introducting Maya 2008 - Chapter 4: Modeling with Polygons

  1. DD textbook pages 126 through 132 cover the overview, Production Process, Boiler Engine, Boiler Front Cap and the bolts.

  2. Note that the BOLTS will NOT be polygon spheres for the assignment you show or turn in! The BOLTS will be Polygon Cylinders.

  3. Here is the detailed description of the assignment with the careful description of the polygon primitive cylinders that you will use for the BOLTS and how many BOLTS you will have revolving around the BOILER PLATES and the BOILER FRONT CAP.

  4. Here is what the assignment might look like, showing the BOLTS. There are 36 bolts and the bolts are Cylinders. Actually, there are 216 bolts.

    Boiler Engine PERSPective panel view and so you can see the bolts go all the way through the plates: Boiler Engine TOP panel view

Playing around with the Duplicate Special options dialogue box to duplicate some soccer balls and some very colorful cones: Screen snapshot one and screen snapshot two. Note that we have two rotations around the Y-axis and one rotation around the Z-axis. The soccer balls rotating around the Z-axis also have a change of size (aka scale in Maya), where each soccer ball is 90% of the size of the previous soccer ball.

More information will be provided here as I discover what questions and difficulties students have with this assignment. Good luck.