Wine glass illuminated by a Luxo Lamp
02/06/2009 Friday to 02/11/2009 Wednesday
Maya classes 11, 12 and 13

  1. Doing Polygon modeling using Vertices to shape a new object from a Polygonal Cylinder Primitive. Making a wine glass. Based on the following video tutorial: Maya Modeling - Modeling a wineglass using polygons by Steven Murdoch. Melbourne, Australia campus.

  2. Please READ over the following tutorial: A Simple Lamp Model using Hierarchical Modeling.

    From the More on Hierarchies tutorial by Michael O'Rourke.

    You will need to enter the following:  
                                          User ID:   mayatuts   
                                         Password:   morourke
    Try out the tutorial if you wish. A Simple Test Model is easy to try out, but hard to understand. A Simple Lamp Model is more involved. Do NOT worry about the lighting where you make the "Luxo" style lamp be host to a working Spotlight. We will get to that on Wednesday.

  3. Excerpt from Principles of Three Dimensional Computer Animation that mentions the Luxo Lamp animation.

  4. Watch an excerpt from Luxo and little Luxo Lamp animation.

  5. Lighting in Maya - Using the Spotlight for lighting up a scene with a lamp. Do NOT worry about lighting your lamp if you do try out the following Simple Lamp Model tutorial from Michael O'Rourke on your own before Wednesday's class.
       Create > Lights > Ambient Light          Create menu, Lights command
                         Directional Light                has 6 subcommands.
                         Point Light
                         Spot Light                       A D P S A V
                         Area Light
                         Volume Light                     ADPSAV
       We will look at the Spot Light and the Point Light on Friday.
       A D P S A V              A D P S A V
           - -                  1 2 3 4 5 6   3rd and 4th choices on the menu...
       3rd = Point Light
       4th = Spot Light
  6. How to do LIGHTS in Maya, including information on Rendering and an improvement on the tutorial for the Luxo Lamp (regarding getting the Spot Light placed inside of the Nurbs Primitive Cone).

How do you turn on tooltips in Maya?

FEMCDW - the 6th menu is the Window menu - the W of F E M C D W

Window menu > Settings/Preferences > Preferences
---> Choose Help in the Categories box on the left. Then you will see a Popup Help group.
---> Click the Tooltips: Enable checkbox to turn tooltips on or off.

File Edit Modify Create Display Window - FEMCDW leftmost six fixed menus...