Menus assignment (due Monday, October 31st)
Handed out on Friday, October 21st, 2005

The assignment requires that you have two Forms. Here is a snapshot of the running program, with the 2nd form invoked by the main form. One is the main application form (shown here on the menus.html page), the other is a dialog box that is invoked when you choose the Border menu, Width command from your custom made menu user interface.

The dialog box of the Project menu, Properties command is used to set the Startup Object, in Visual Basic. If you have multiple forms, which one will automatically Show itself when you Run the application?

The code window snapshot with the mnuStyle_Click event procedure is shown below here.
If you have a wide enough screen and Maximize your browser window, you should be able to see the above 2 screen snapshots side by side.

FUTURE ASSIGNMENT SKILLS: Cropping skills and screensnapshots and more examples of the Menus and Shapes GUI in action.