810:151:04 Scheme Spring 2004

Friday Feb 13th handouts:
  1. Making the BINARY TREE from preorder and inorder.
  2. Tail-recursion and accumulator passing style.

Week Dates Topics Homework or Quizzes
05 02/09-02/13 Map and arity. Using one list as the argument to achieve unary input.
Last assignment due on Friday:
Class #13 review: Wednesday, February 11th handout developed from using a portion of Session 6 of Professor Wallingford's Programming Languages and Paradigm's lecture notes.

Final Exam (WEDNESDAY, Feb 18th) - Class #15.

VIP Email note: About the final lecture class and the Final Exam and the final programming assignment. Class #14 is on Friday, the 13th.

Recreating the BINARY TREE from its preorder and inorder traversal lists. (makeTree '(N U I) '(U N I)) would output what?

04 02/02-02/06 Assignment #3 is due on 02/04 (Wednesday)
Four problems (3 from textbook):  
 2.14, 2.21 and 3.10 from textbook.
 Coercions, Last, and Fibonacci.

 4th problem:  Palindrome lists.

      You cannot use reverse to do this one.
      Use 2.21 last as one of the tools.

      (last '(11 22 33 22 11)) is the same as
      (cdr '(11 22 33 22 11)) is the same as 
             so we could have a palindrome list.
(palindrome? '()) is true
(palindrome? '(11 22 33 11)) is false
(palindrome? '(1981 1989 2004 1989 1981)) is true
(palindrome? '(22 22)) is true
(palindrome? '(M A D A M)) is true
(palindrome? '(16)) is true
Quiz #2 (Friday)
03 01/26-01/30
Speed of Light value for homework two.

Quiz #1 and Homework #2 due (Wednesday)

Tour de force of sum Of Digits procedure to illustrate the Scheme process of evaluation of the (sumOfDigits 234) application. (Monday, 5 p.m. link).

Ascending Digits Solution One and read chapter six for week #4.

  1. HOMEWORK #2: Assignment Two and Class #5 (Friday 23rd) Review email note.
    Class #6 preview (sumOfDigits recursion in Scheme).
    (Last week on Friday, late morning note! Class #6 PREVIEW)

  2. Sum of the Digits and QUIZ ONE study guide.

  3. Another look at (sumOfDigits 13579) Scheme solution, along with quotient and modulo.
01 01/12-01/16 READ: Class 01 summary and resources (NOW READY as of 11:30 a.m. Monday).

Distance solution and class #2 summary, along with exercises to think about as Friday class #3 preview.

Scheme Programming Language by R. Kent Dybvig is a good reference. Look through chapter two during weeks one and two of the class.

We will look at material found in Chapter 5 Section 5.4 Conditionals during class #3.

Summary of Friday class involved makeSet and makeSet2 and position examples, to illustrate recursion, as well as Conditionals (both if and cond).

Factorial solution and improved position search that is more efficient.
02 01/21-01/23 MLK holiday Assignment One is due on Friday.

The member? solution and PRINTOUT and Submission requirements for assignment number one (intersection of two sets).

From A to Z: From line for pine Export command.

DOWNLOAD LINK: DrScheme software comes with documentation built into Help menu, including books and links.


Textbook Programming and Meta-Programming in Scheme by Jon Pearce