810:088 class #15 - week #3 (Friday)

  1. What is the difference between Conventional Cryptography (Symmetric key cryptography) and Public key cryptography (Asymmetric key cryptography)? This was a test question on the midterm, and the grasp of the essentials and the difference was not very deep for the class as a whole, yet. It will be mastered before you take the final exam. MASTERED!

  2. We went over the exam and did lots of ethereal to discover more about TCP connection oriented traffic between a web server and the client (drone-21.cs-ceee.cns.uni.edu was the client).

  3. Large file: Here is the 12 MB day15.ethereal sniffed capture that your assignment (started during the 2nd half of class) is based on. You can use this if you have ethereal or any packet sniffer elsewhere the CEEE 20. Remember also that you can use any of the drones from a remote site, if you have a linux box. Email me if you want the instructions for how to do that, and lost your notes. Ethereal captured packet assignment questions. You started these during class on Friday, July 25th.

  4. Here are the five questions for the exercise that was started in class using the day15.ethereal capture file.
    What is
    Diceware and what is a PGP passphrase used for?

  5. PGP overview is a nice brief article with useful diagrams of the process. Newcomer's introduction.