Crytography Basics - Caesar Ciphers

  1. Encrypting strings using the PERL crypt function. This function is often used to encrypt passwords.
    > perl -e '$text=crypt "Hello", "AC"; print $text . "\n\n";'
    > perl -e '$text=crypt "HellO", "AC"; print $text . "\n\n";'
    > perl -e '$text=crypt "HellO", "DC"; print $text . "\n\n";'

  2. What is cryptography? Conventional cryptography and Julius Caeser. Cipher text and clear text.

  3. What kind of cryptography will stop your kid sister from reading your files and WHAT is Cryptography? Its hard to decipher your handwriting? Its hard to decipher cipher text, but no deciphering is needed for plain text.

  4. The OSI Seven Layer model protocol stack.

  5. Here is UNI Panthers plaintext made into 15 different flavors of ciphertext.