Firewalls - Chapter 10 outline/supplement

  1. What is a packet filtering firewall typically made from or consist of?
  2. What are the four basic categories by which a packet-filtering firewall can decide on access to its protected site. Access can either be granted or denied.
  3. Explain the concept and technique of stateful inspection (SI) that Check Point Software Technologies first pioneered.
  4. What is a proxy-based firewall? Give an example of an application level request in the HTTP protocol... In the FTP protocol... In the TELNET protcol... Each of these application level protocols would have its own specific proxy.
  5. Regarding the issue of the pitfalls of networking, what is the "classic square-off" that network administrators and organizations face when deciding how stringent to make the firewall policies?
  6. "Five years ago, we were fighting battles with the CIOs to get firewalls in the first place." What is the battle today that security professionals and network administrators are fighting with the CIOs (Chief Information Officers), according to chapter ten?
  7. Personal firewalls needed? Windows vulnerabilities and lag time in patching for published vulnerabilities is the risk. Protection suggested by Gartner: Personal firewalls for all Windows machines that connect to the internet.