PREVIOUS - 810:088 Topics: Network Security (JULY 2003)

Final exam: FINAL EXAM study guide and suggestions. This was an email note you received.

Textbook: Maximum Security, 4th edition by Anonymous
Some links to explore on networks and security issues.

Internet Security Glossary.

Another helpful glossary of Internetworking Terms and concepts. This LAN is your LAN.

On reserve at the UNI library - 3 day loan
    Byte Wars:  The Impact of September 11th on Information Technology
    by Ed Yourdon
Assignments week #1.
  1. Class One outline. Latest addition was 11:10 a.m. Monday morning. (BRING YOUR PASSWORD SHEET - don't forget it).

  2. Class Two outline.

  3. Class Three outline. Started and available for preview.

  4. Class Four outline and resources. Thursday, July 10th class. Class #4 of a 4 week class would be 40 minutes of the 8th and all of the 9th and more than half of the 10th class for a one semester long, MWF class schedule.

  5. Class #5 will continue and catch up with the class 3 and 4 materials we did not get to yet.

    Class 5 talked about How PGP works, by generating and sharing a random, one time session key (conventional cryptography) and using that session key to encrypt the message. Then then session key is encrypted using the intended recipient's public key (asymmetric or public key encryption).

    Class 5 also reviewed binary and hexadecimal again, talked about the TCP and IP headers in relation to the homework. We sniffed an ssh session, to look at the encryption. And we talked about steganography.

  6. Week #2: Class #6.

  7. Class #7.

  8. Maximum Security - Chapter 10: Firewalls

  9. Here is a good article about Snort.

  10. Class #9 - Thursday.

  11. Friday, July 18th class #10: Network Adapter Cards, review for exam #1, teardrop attack example, ftp followup, and firewalls discussion.

  12. Wednesday, July 23rd class #13: Firewalls. You will need the handout, if you missed class.

  13. Thursday, July 24th class #14: Digital signatures, message digests, hash functions, PGP email system and following a session between a web server and your client browser.

  14. Presentation schedule - email note from day 15 (Friday, July 25th).

  15. Week #3, class #5, Friday July 25th class.

  16. Presentations that were done using web or PowerPoint are available here.

Note and STUDY GUIDE for the Final Exam: Exam #2 will be FRIDAY, August 1st.