1. An Adjacency Matrix for {Panthers, Hawkeyes, Cyclones, Bears, Celtics, Cubs, Cardinals, Twins} as the set of vertices or nodes of the graph. It is a weighted, non-directed graph. The weight represents how DISSIMILAR the two words are.
                                   C        C is 0 letters after C
    CARDINALS  =  C   A   R             ABCDE    E is 4 letters after A
    CELTICS    =  C   E   L             LMNOPQR  R is 6 letters after L
    DIFFERENCE =  0   4   6                          ---
                                                     10  =  sum of differences.
  2. Days of Our Lives similarity graph, shown as an adjacency matrix. Lower triangle is all that is needed.

    Similarity Graph of Twelve Months upper triangular representation.

    Lab Review and UNIX/bc calculator review.

    Read section 5.1 Graphs and their representations
    Read section 2.4 Recursion Ignore the stuff about recurrence relations. Study especially the recursive algorithms on pages 128 and 129.

  3. Similarity Graphs for the artist/musician set. Review Partitions too.

  4. Big Theta is a binary relation on functions. It is a reflexive, symmetric and transitive relation on functions that partitions them into equivalence classes.