Six Sigma and PSM materials (Excel and Minitab)

How to do macros in Microsoft Excel?
Excel VBA Macros - variations on 23 birthdays probability problem. PowerPoint published presentation will usually require Microsoft Internet Explorer. It does NOT work with Mozilla Firefox on my computer.

Assignment for PSM Six Sigma Saturday Seminar

  1. Here is the dataset, as a .txt TEXT file: countries.txt can be COPIED and PASTED into Microsoft Excel.

  2. Here is the dataset as a Microsoft Excel workbook. Countries.xls. You can download this to your computer, and then open it up with Excel version 97 or later. Right mouse click works best to DOWNLOAD file.

  3. An example of what your Excel Scatterplot Chart with a fitter Linear Regression Line should look like.

  4. Here is the specific instructions for how to do the Excel Scatterplot Regression Chart Assignment.

    Note: It may require Internet Explorer as your web browser. The Insert Chart toolbar button is on the Standard toolbar for Excel. Chart Wizard is the tooltip. Insert menu, Chart gets you to the same dialog box series.

  5. What to turn in for your assignment:
     1. A printout of your XY Scatterplot.  Be sure that your name is in the
        title.  Be sure that you have specified that the equation and the 
        R-squared value are shown.
              Display equation on chart
              Display R-squared value on chart
     2. A printout of your regression results.  For this, you will use the
        Excel Data Analysis toolpack Add-In.  You have the September 8th 
        class handouts that explain and illustrate using the Regression
        command from the Tools menu, Data Analysis... dialogue box set of 
        Be sure to highlight the results that show the R-squared and the 
        regression equation values on your regression output.
  6. If you get stuck on anything, my office is 338A WRIGHT HALL. 338A WRT is the SCL, which stands for the Statistical Consulting Lab. I have scheduled office hours from 2-5 p.m. Wednesday and from 8-noon on Thursday. However, unless you send email to ahead of time, there are no guarantees I will be available to help you when you show up, so its best to notify me ahead of time.