Bridges and Switches - Filter, Floor and Forward

SCANNERS: Scanners PowerPoint presentation published to web. How scanners work, etc. What is interpolation? How does it relate to Resolution? What are the 5 essential characteristics for scanners? Note: The color or black or white issues is probably a non-issue in 2007! So there are only FOUR essential characteristics to know.

The Filter, Forward, Flood Switch Table group exercise SOLUTION. You have this as a handout from the Wednesday, February 28th class. It was done as a group exercise. If you think you find any mistakes in the solution, please email me.

Friday, 2/23 Switches and Bridges using GIMP to diagram the difference between a Switch forwarding, filtering and flooding a received packet.

switch =  Network device that filters, forwards, and floods frames based 
          on the destination address of each frame. The switch operates 
          at the data link layer of the OSI model.   

          Filter frame or Forward frame or Flood frame
Updated graphic: Switches and Bridges and frame Filter (RED), frame Flood (BLUE) or frame Forward (PURPLE).
Bridges and Switches additional material. Good explanations from previous semesters.