UBMS Computer Applications class - June 13th thru July 19th

Quiz dates: Thursday, June 16th; Thursday June 23rd; Tuesday June 28th; Friday, July 1st; Thursday, July 7th; Tuesday, July 12th;

  1. Louis.
  2. Alexander.
  3. Ska.
  4. Laura.
  5. Jessica.
  6. Josie.
  7. Damaris.
  8. Hannah.
  9. Krista.
  10. Josh.
Final Exam Study Guide or outline of topics.

Check out the rollover created with JavaScript language and HTML.
Rollover and linking to a specific place in a document. The graphics were done with GIMP.

Friday, July 8th: Cryptography - the mathematics of keeping data confidential while in transit on the internet.

Demonstration of using JavaScript to OPEN A NEW BROWSER WINDOW.

Demonstration of Simpler Example (BUGS NOW REMOVED - try it again).

Web pages, UNIX and HTML resources, including pico (nano) editor.

GIMP and gradients example page.

Final exam: Tuesday, July 19th.

The binary number system: base 2 BINARY, along with base 8 octal, base 10 decimal and base 16 hexadecimal.

First web page HTML and pico (nano) editor example.

Here are some Binary and Web Page Hexadecimal colors questions to answer.

Right click here on this home.html link to download and save a copy of the home.html file to your account, inside of your web folder.