Web Page assignment using either Notepad or the pico editor on sunny.uni.edu to create the HTML.

  1. Colors and web pages and hexadecimal specification of the RGB (Red, Green, Blue).

  2. sunny.uni.edu - My Account on sunny, where you will also have a web page.

  3. Here is a link to information about sunny.uni.edu and your personal web page.

  4. This link will show you the BACKGROUND= and BGCOLOR= options (known as Attributes) of the BODY tag. We did the BACKGROUND= on Friday, Feb 2nd Ground Hogs Day hands-on class.

  5. How did I get this OL ordered list to be NUMBERED with Roman Numerals instead of the usual default Arabic numbers? Here is HOW TO DO THAT.

    This link will also show you how I got the week 4 numbered list (see above) to start with 20 (20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25) instead of starting with 1 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). See the Attributes.

  6. How to create ANCHORS to link to other pages, aka Hypertext links.

  7. Here is a Tag Tutorial on HTML tags and how to create your first web page. TAG! You're it! :-)

  8. Here is the Overview of All HTML elements you are already familiar with from our first hands-on HTML class, and from the links you explored above this one.

  9. Color specifications for web pages. RGB = Red, Green, Blue graphics specifications and the mysteries of base 16, aka hexadecimal, very close 1st cousin of binary.

  10. Some examples of Photoshop created gradients for use as BACKGROUND= files for the BODY tag.

REMINDER: SABIN 227 Computer Lab for Friday's class this week.

Preview this Photoshop Button making page before Friday, if you get the chance. See the Stroke dialog box, the File menu, New dialog box, the texture Channel, the New Channel icon, the Red, Green and Blue channels (besides the Alpha 1 or #4 new channel). See the Filter menu, Render command, Lighting Effects subcommand dialog box.

Also useful to preview and glance at: Adding Text to the Button. It shows the ForeColor and the BackColor icons, along with the MOVE and the TYPE tools being pointed out. Keep in mind this is an OLDER version of Photoshop, so some things will look different in the newer versions.