homepage.html and page2.html help

This page is linked to from Computer Skills and Concepts web page. It provides information about how to work on your web page.

This page is broken down into 4 categories, but no matter where you choose to work on your web page, be sure to look through all four of the topics for additional information and examples that will apply to your situation.


  • Working from a computer at home, when it has a modem and dial-up connection to the UNI modems or you have an Internet Service Provider

    1. You can use the Start menu, Run command with Windows. See the Run dialog box screen snapshot shown here to the right.
    2. 273-5555 is a phone number of the CCC (UNI Computer Consulting Center), if you have problems.
    3. Use the pico editor to work on your web page from home over the modem while connected to chaos. Note: Might be called nano editor instead of pico.
    4. See the above directions for when to use the cd web command. There are also tons of handouts on this matter. The chmod and cd commands and how to use pico in this context are explained above throughout this web page and thus will not be repeated here.
    5. You cannot save a graphic file (that you web browsed to and right-clicked upon to download) directly into your chaos home directory and into its web folder. You will have to ftp it or upload it from your PC hard drive or diskette to your chaos account and web folder. Another option is to bring the graphic file on a diskette to the Wright 112 lab and finish the transfer.
    6. There are too many possibilities for software and modem or CFU or other internet service provider to cover here, so talk with me for advice or call 273-5555 for advice on specifics.