Real-Time Embedded Systems Class Spring 2001

Railroad Crossing Signal

Team Cannonball

Team Dijkstra

Team G-Funk

Lisa Fuller

Scott Duffy

Brett Caspers

Masatomo Noborikawa

Dan Lange

Tony Miller



Travis Richardson

We built these cars ourselves

From left to right: Lisa Fuller, Masatomo Noborikawa, Travis Richardson, Brett Caspers, Scott Duffy, Tony Miller, Dan Lange

The first train runs April 24, 2001
Lisa had gone home to catch a few winks

Team G-Funk gets tied up in their work

Not much room between those boxes for Scott to work on his box car

Tony, Scott, and Travis unpack another computer

Masa installing one of the new development systems

Brett checks to make sure his car rolls smoothly

Dan and Lisa having a good time building their cars

Tony testing the newly installed train sensors

Professor John McCormick