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Mon Jun 12 19:07:30 EDT 2017 Documents processed 10000 MINWORDLENGTH 4 MAXCOUNT=666 MINCOUNT=50 MIN_DOC_VECTOR_WORDS 3 MINIDF 4 MINTTCLUSTER .1 PROXDIST 8 PROXCOUNT 4 PROXSCORE 5 DDWGT 5 MINDD 0.5 HYPMIN .4 HYPWGT .4 1199 deleted-words-and-docs-for-idf.txt 26717 deleted-words.txt 5100 document-clusters-by-title.txt 3741 document-clusters.txt 3970 document-document-matrix.txt 10 document-hyper-clusters.txt 41325 document-term-matrix.txt 21393 document-term-matrix-weighted.txt 1510 idf-weights.sorted.txt 45441 phrases.txt 1988 soundex.txt 28593 stemList.txt 635 term-clusters.txt 1510 term-document-matrix-weighted.txt 1876 term-frequencies.txt 673 term-term-cohesion-similarities.txt 673 term-term-matrix.sorted.txt 2130 term-term-term.txt 188484 total query term: bile Words in this stem group are: bile adding related phrase words: bile-bladder bile-casein bile-composition bile-crohns bile-dilatation bile-duct bile-excretion bile-exploration bile-fast bile-gallbladder bile-half bile-hepatic bile-lipid bile-lipoprotein bile-meal bile-metabolism bile-output bile-pancreatic bile-profile bile-retained bile-saturation bile-stomach bile-stone bile-stool bile-thyroid bile-ulcer bile-uptake biliary-bile bowel-bile cholesterol-bile circulated-bile diversion-bile duodenal-bile endoscopic-bile fragment-bile gallstone-bile gastric-bile hepatocyte-bile mumol-bile obstruction-bile quantitative-bile reflux-bile salt-bile secretion-bile significance-bile stain-bile words that may sound similar to bile: none 59 documents found. Doc Rel Title 3673 0.333 Effects of partial ileocolectomy and Crohn's disease on biliary lipid secretion. matched keys: bile *bile-crohns *bile-lipid *bile-meal *bile-output *bile-saturation *cholesterol-bile *quantitative-bile *secretion-bile 3627 0.332 Serum bile acid profile in thyroid dysfunction and effect of medical treatment. matched keys: bile *bile-composition *bile-profile *bile-thyroid *cholesterol-bile *fragment-bile 560 0.330 Effect of bile acids on hepatic protoporphyrin metabolism in perfused rat liver. matched keys: bile *bile-excretion *bile-hepatic *bile-metabolism *mumol-bile 7090 0.329 The significance of gastric bile reflux seen at endoscopy. matched keys: bile *bile-half *bile-stomach *endoscopic-bile *gastric-bile *quantitative-bile *reflux-bile *significance-bile 561 0.318 Modulation of bile secretion by hepatic low-density lipoprotein uptake and by chenodeoxycholic matched keys: bile *bile-composition *bile-excretion *bile-hepatic *bile-lipid *bile-lipoprotein *bile-uptake *secretion-bile 2132 0.315 Bile acids in radiation-induced diarrhea. matched keys: bile *bile-stool *bowel-bile *secretion-bile 3779 0.304 75Se HCAT test in the detection of bile acid malabsorption in functional diarrhoea and its cor matched keys: bile *bile-meal *bowel-bile 3414 0.268 Endoscopic management of common bile duct stones without cholecystectomy [letter] matched keys: bile *bile-duct *bile-stone *endoscopic-bile 3620 0.259 Bile acid binding to dietary casein: a study in vitro and in vivo. matched keys: bile *bile-casein *bile-meal 557 0.253 Antroduodenal resistance to flow in the control of duodenogastric bile reflux during fasting. matched keys: bile *bile-fast *duodenal-bile *gastric-bile *reflux-bile *Time used: 1 seconds Docs 10000 *** Total elapsed time=935, Date: Mon Jun 12 19:23:05 2017