Programming Assignment #2

What would have happened if Mother Goose knew about Scratch?

Due Date : Friday, September 22nd, 11:30 AM



For this assignment I would like you to use Scratch to animate a short story that has some movement in the story line.  One of the quickest things that comes to mind is using a nursery rhyme such as:

However, you are NOT restricted to one of these examples.  In fact, you aren’t restricted to a nursery rhyme.  If you have an idea for a scene from your favorite book, play, song, etc you may use that instead (although I would ask that you bounce your idea off of me prior to starting).


For this assignment you should “tell” and “animate” the nursery rhyme in Scratch.  For example, if I had selected “Hickory, Dickory, Dock” I would perhaps find a mouse image and a clock image and create sprites using the images.  I might have the clock “say” (one at a time) the individual lines from the rhyme.  Coordinated with that I might make the mouse appear to run across the room and up the clock (and back down again of course).  I would probably use the sound feature to make the clock “strike one.”  I might even attempt to change the appearance of the mouse using Looks options or a second mouse costume to make the mouse look surprised when the clock strikes.



Base Requirements (the first 20 of 25 points)

That’s it.  Those are the simple minimum set of requirements.  The rest is all up to you.


Creativity (the final 5 of 25 points)

To earn the “creativity” credit for this you should add in several additional things - ANYTHING that shows your creative side and something more than the basic things we have talked about in class.  These may include, but are not limited to:

This is a somewhat subjective category as it depends on me looking at your code and saying “well that’s kind of cool” but it makes for a far more interesting assignment in the long run.


For some of you this simplistic set of requirements with a “creativity” component may be bothersome – you would like me to tell you step-by-step what to do.  However, that is often not what we do when we program.  Instead we have this general idea about what we want to do and we have freedom to do many things to accomplish the goal.  The challenge is selecting which set of things “best” accomplish the goal.


I suggest that you:


Submitting your assignment

Make sure you have met all of the requirements.

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