Programming Assignment #4

"Shall we play a game?"

Due Date : Wednesday, October 11


In this assignment you will create a game completely of your choosing.  You should think of a fun and interesting game that involves the human player controlling a character/object on the screen who is trying to catch and/or avoid several computer controlled characters.  The specifics of who, what, and how are completely up to you.

For some ideas you might look at:



Base Requirements (the first 22 of 25 points)

That’s it.  Those are the simple minimum set of requirements.  The rest is all up to you.

NOTE : If you have an idea for a particularly cool game but you don't see a good way to incorporate one of the requirements up above, TALK TO ME.  I am willing to excuse you from a requirement to get a game that is fun and interesting if it means getting you to do something, well, fun and interesting.



Creativity (the final 5 of 25 points)

To earn the “creativity” credit for this you should add in several additional things - ANYTHING that shows your creative side and something more than the basic things we have talked about in class.  These may include, but are not limited to:





Submitting your assignment

Make sure you have met all of the requirements.

Share your project to the following gallery