Programming Assignment #5

"He's Making a List. Checking it twice..."

Due Date : Wednesday, October 19th


Recently we looked at ways that you can use a list to simplify programs that use “collections” of similar data - such as a quiz with a set of questions/answers, or a program that repeats a similar process with slightly different actions each time. For this assignment we would like you to create a program that uses a list of data.

Base Requirements for those who want VERY specific instructions (22 out of 25)

Hey Diddle Diddle. The (animal1) and the fiddle. The (animal2) (past-tense verb) over the moon. The (adjective) (animal3) (past-tense verb) to see such a sight. And the (noun) ran away with the spoon.

Base Requirements for those who want some flexibility (22 out of 25)

Additional Creative Elements (3 points each)


NOTE: The part in bold above needs some extra explanation. Your story generator should produce an exponential number of stories, not a linear number of stories. That is, do not pick a single random number (such as three) and then use that same number to choose from each of your four lists. If you do this, then you only have five possible stories (based on the numbers in my instructions). Instead, you should independently pick a number for each list. This means you will have 5*5*5*5 = 625 possible stories. It's a small change with a big change in results.

Getting Credit for this Assignment

To submit your assignment for peer review you should: