Practice Lab #1

While "Nobody puts Baby in the corner"

everybody puts Kitty into a corner




What you will need





Base Requirement

Begin by exploring the various blocks in the menu.  Look at what each one does and how they can be combined to create some interesting outcomes.  Actually, I would strongly encourage you to explore these options for 5-10 minutes so that you have a good feel for what they do.


Once you have explored these twelve blocks you should:

Identify at least three ways you can use the code blocks shown above to move the sprite from the middle of the stage to the upper left hand corner of the stage.  For each of these techniques you should write a couple of sentences describing:

  1. Which block(s) you used

  2. What values you used with the blocks for those blocks that allow modification

  3. A short description of how the cat behaved/moved when you used these blocks.


To get full credit for this you activity you should


To receive credit

Explore as described above.   Complete the reflection sheet for this activity and submit.  Please make sure that you have met all of the requirements as described above.