Activity 3

This would be so much better if...



Last time we looked at coordinating several sprites to tell a story.  We talked about doing this through timing and coordinated messages (broadcast).  This activity will start with a simple, two-character story that uses both timing (scene1) and broadcast messages (scene2).  You will modify this story in a manner of your choosing.


What you will need




Base Requirements

You may add this character in to one of the existing scenes or add an entirely new scene into the story (containing at least one of the original characters).  Either way, this new character should be a "sensible" addition to the overall story.


If you get done early

The base requirement above is fairly straight forward - you add in a new character and several additional lines of dialog to the story spread out among several characters.  There is, however, a lot of room for building on this.  Add something creative to the story - your choice of a LOT of things.

This might include (but is not limited to):

Again, this is here to give you an opportunity to explore Scratch and think about how to modify existing code.  Work to the best of your abilities!


Submitting your assignment

When you have completed the assignment you should

  1. Make sure you have met all of the requirements listed above.
  2. Put both student's name in the comments section of the project.
  3. Share the project.
  4. Add to using the process explained in PA#1.