Integrating CS into other subjects

Time Expectation


Daily Summary

In this activity you will complete the fourth and final module from a set of materials prepared by the state of Iowa Board of Education to help elementary teachers in the state better understand CS and how to apply the CS Framework and Standards when designing CS lessons for elementary students. 

In those materials you are asked to keep a Reflection Journal.  You should answer these reflection questions in a document that you will share with me for part of your grade for CA8.



For today's activity please complete the following module:




While completing the Module you should take notes about what you experience.  Furthermore, you should make sure that you complete the Reflection Journal Activities as they are presented in the materials. 

For this deliverable, please complete the following questions.

  1. What was the main point point of this training module?
  2. How did this material fit in with the material we have studied so far this semester?
  3. Identify and discuss at least one item/topic in the training that you felt added to what you had previously learned this semester.  How did it improve your knowledge/learning?
  4. Identify and discuss at least one item/topic in the training that was a completely new idea or thought for you.  How did it improve your knowledge/learning?
  5. What did you write for each of the the Reflection Journal Activites

You should word process this and produce a PDF of your responses which you will submit via Blackboard.


Your deliverable should be submitted on Blackboard.

It will be graded on a scale of 0 to 4 using the following principles:

Points Rough Description
4 Your responses are complete and show a strong level of detail and/or depth of thought.  It shows that you have taken the time to understand and really think about the question(s).
3 Your responses are complete and show acceptable thought, but are lacking in expected detail and/or depth of thought.
2 Your respones are lacking in one or more specific elements or indicate that you weren't spending an adequate amount of time thinking about the responses.
1 You turned something in but it indicates a complete lack of effort or understanding.
0 Nothing submitted.


If I feel that you did not earn a grade of a 4 I will give you that feedback and you will have one week to revise/resubmit.