The Iowa CS Standards

Time Expectation

  • Overview Activity (Step 2 below) - 30 minutes
  • Detailed Standards Activity (Step 3 below) - 1-2 hours


Helpful Links



  1. Download and view the CSTA K-12 CS Standards which Iowa has adopted as it's CS Standards.

  3. Examine the high level overview of the standards on pages 3-6
    • While you should obviously focus on columns 1A and 1B  I am asking you to read Columns 2 and 3A as well so you have a sense of the progression in K-12 Computer Science.


  4. Let's dig in and focus on the "Algorithms and Programming" standards which are really the focus of this class.
    • Read through 1A-AP-08 to 15 (pp 8-10) and 1B-AP-08 to 17 (pp 14-16)
    • For each of these 18 standards I want you think through what you have learned so far in this course.  Answer the following questions:
      1. Do you feel like you observed this standard in the way the course was taught?
        • If "yes" - When and/or how [See note below]
        • If "no" - What kind of activity do you think this course could have utilized to better address this standard? 
          • [Note, I realize that for one or two of these if the answer is "No" it may be hard for you to answer this question since you may not know what the standard is saying.  But for many others I think you will understand the standard even without direct instruction and I think you can imagine/envision activities that would have addressed this standard. Please give this question an honest attempt at an answer.]
      2. Do you feel like you have enough introduction to this standard to think about incorporating it into your classroom?
        1. If "yes" -  What kinds of activities (in addition to the ones you observed in our classroom) do you feel would address this standard.
        2. If "no" - Why not [Again, this is tightly tied to the No in part 1 but it is actually a different question.



Note for question 3.1 above

When I went back through the semester I was able to make a list of the following activities which we worked through as part of the class. As you think about the question "did you see it in this class and where" you might want to review the activities we have completed.


To submit this activity you will complete a Google Form with a question for each standard.




It will be graded on a scale of 0 to 4 using the following principles:

Points Rough Description
4 Your responses are complete and show a strong level of detail and/or depth of thought.  It shows that you have taken the time to understand and really think about the question(s).
3 Your responses are complete and show acceptable thought, but are lacking in expected detail and/or depth of thought.
2 Your respones are lacking in one or more specific elements or indicate that you weren't spending an adequate amount of time thinking about the responses.
1 You turned something in but it indicates a complete lack of effort or understanding.
0 Nothing submitted.


If I feel that you did not earn a grade of a 4 I will give you that feedback and you will have one week to revise/resubmit.