Graded Programming Activity
Make your own Animation

During the lessons for this week you practiced using building blocks from the Motion menu, portions of the looks, as well as the when green flag pressed, wait, and repeat blocks to cause the sprite to move around the stage. For this activity you will combine these pieces and add some new elements to create your own, slightly longer, animation.

This activity isn't as complicated or involved as some of the ones that will follow. It is really intended to get you used to Scratch and to have you practice the whole programming process. 

To help you understand what I am looking for here is a simple instructional video:



This assignment IS NOT being graded. It is done as a practice for the first graded program. However, if I were grading it I would use the following rubric.

To earn a 3

In order to "meet expectations" your program should:

That's it. Those are the simple, minimum requirements. You are free to go beyond this in any way you please, but it should be clear to an observer that you have fulfilled these requirements.


To earn a 4

To earn a 4 on this activity you must do something that makes me say "wow" or "cool." The main idea is that to "exceed expectations" you have to show me something that convinces me you "get it" and are trying to be creative and explore with Scratch.

I realize that is vague and hard to pin-point in a rubric.  But, on the other hand, if your program was a fast/simple copy and modification of what we did in the lesson videos than you know you weren't pushing yourself to explore.  Those tend to be fairly easy to recognize from the teacher's perspective.



In reality this probably sounds easier than it actually is. I would suggest that before you start programming that you get out a piece of paper and plan out your program. Think about the coordinates of the stage (-240 to +240 for width, -180 to +180 for height) and how/where the sprite will be as you animate it over the stage. Think about the movement from position position and the math that is part of that. Your program doesn't have to be mathematically perfect. But its likely helps to think about the math to understand what you are doing.



Sharing your Code

To submit your program so that your classmates and I can see it: