Graded Programming Activity)
"Shall we play a game?"


In this assignment you will create a game completely of your choosing.  You should think of a fun and interesting game that involves the human player controlling a character/object on the screen who is trying to catch and/or avoid several computer controlled characters.  The specifics of who, what, and how are completely up to you.

For some ideas you might look at:

To earn a 3

In order to "meet expectations" your program should:

  • Be named Std_P56b
  • "Run" when the green flag is pressed. 
  • Conduct a proper "places everyone."
  • Use at least three different sprites in your program
    • One of these should be a human controlled player which uses either mouse or keyboard actions to control the main character.
    • The other two (or more) should be Non-Player Characters (NPCs) which are computer controlled players that can be either good (help the main character) or bad.  These need not necessarily move around the screen (like the bananas did ) but they should contain code that causes them to do things.
  • Set up your game so that the main character "interacts" with the other sprites.  For example, the main character might collect gold coins.  Or, the main character might need to get across the screen without touching the poisoned mushrooms.  Either way, the act of the main character touching these other characters causes something (good or bad) to happen.
  • At least one of your characters should have multiple costumes that are used in some capacity (I know that is vague but I want you to have freedom to use it as you like)
  • Use at least two variables that keep track of two unique things.
  • There should be differences in the way the game plays at different times based on those variables.
  • There should be a clear sense of "winning" or "losing" both in how the game is played AND how the game reacts to what you do when you play (Don't just stop scripts.  Have a "you win" or "you lose" message too).

NOTE : If you have an idea for a particularly cool game but you don't see a good way to incorporate one of the requirements up above, TALK TO ME.  I am willing to excuse you from a requirement to get a game that is fun and interesting if it means getting you to do something, well, fun and interesting.

To earn a 4

In order to "exceed expectations" your program should do at least two of the following things:

  • Have different types of NPCs (either different degrees of good/bad or both good and bad).
  • Have multiple levels with in the game (this can be based on number of NPCs playing or different backgrounds or...
  • Have both winning AND losing [Note, the base requirements only require one].
  • Be semi-educational in nature

And as always, try to figure something out where I watch your program and say "WOW!  That's cool!"



Getting Credit

To submit your program so that your classmates and I can see it:

  • Make sure you have met all of the requirements listed above in the grading rubric.
  • "Share" your program publicly on the Scratch website by clicking on the share button in the upper right hand corner of the create screen.
  • Navigate to the studio for this project -
  • Select the "Browse Projects" button at the right edge of the studio page.
  • A list of all of your "shared" programs will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the assignment that you just completed.