Section 1.1




Remember that discrete is the study of decision making in non-continuous systems. That is, it is mathematics when there are a finite number of numbers.

We begin this course by studying Logic. More specifically, we are going to study Propositional Logic which is a number system that works in binary. That is, two numbers - one and zero - which equate to true and false respectively.




p q p q p q p q p q
T T (1) (5) (9) (13) (17)
T F (2) (6) (10) (14) (18)
F T (3) (7) (11) (15) (19)
F F (4) (8) (12) (16) (20)



We normally think of the symbol T to be equivalent to the number 1 and the symbol F to be equivelant to the number 0.

Given this fact, what mathematical expression is equivalent to conjunction? What mathematical fact is (sort of) equivalent to disjunction?