User Visit Plans (G3)

Recently we talked about how to gather data from users.  At this stage in your design project you will meet with your users to learn from them.  The goal of this deliverable is to think through what you want to learn and how you will learn it. 

You should submit a set of written plans for user visits, with:

You should have a very general ‘script’ which indicates who will ask or observe what in what sequence. You should also decide what types of notes you will take (and whether you need to prepare note-taking forms). You should, of course, be opportunistic during the actual visits, but you should at least imagine and document a possible scenario for this visit. This document can be informal.

It is not necessary for each group member to attend each user visit. However, each group member must participate in at least one visit. Also, recognize that the number and duration of user visits may vary greatly by project.  Remember that you need to build a relationship with these users, in part to help ensure their cooperation later in user testing.

The user visit plan will be graded based on the amount of thought you have given to the visit in general and the particular goals and methods appropriate for your project.