It Bugs Me! (I1)

Think about the objects in your everyday world.  Is there anything about their design that bugs you? 

For example, the clock radio on my bedside table bugs me.  The on/off/alarm switch has four positions.  Working from left to right they are

[On | Off | Tone Alarm | Radio Alarm]. 

What this means is that it is very difficult to find the off position while groggy from sleep, in the dark, with my arm over my head.  A simple reversal of Off and On would have prevented this problem. 

Look around the room you are sitting in while you are reading this.  How many different specialized objects are there?  There are probably more than a hundred different specialized objects in my office.  How many of the objects around you are designed in a way that pleases you?

  1. The purpose of the "It Bugs Me!" assignment is to identify objects that bug you because of their design.  Make a list of this-bugs-me! objects from everyday life and computing.  You should have ten everyday and ten computing related objects.
  2. For each object, briefly describe why the design of the object bugs you and some ideas of how you would fix it.  I don't need pages and pages of details here.  Limit your response to roughly 50 words per object.
  3. Once you have made a list, categorize it using descriptive headings.  These headings should explain the type of thing that bug you (not what is on the list) and are best if they are "cross list" (in otherwords, some headings probably contain items from both your everyday list and your computer list.  List your responses under these headings.   Coming up with useful categorizations is part of the assignments.


Turn in a copy of your list at the start of class.  Also, keep a copy of the list with you for later.  I will ask for examples from your lists when we discuss Design of Everyday Things.

You will be graded on the creativity and uniqueness of your responses.